Exploring The Beauty Of Cityscapes Art

cityscapes art

Vibrant, colorful, and lively – these are just a few words to describe the many forms of cityscapes art of Kohly Art.

No two works of Kohly Art’s cityscapes look alike. Every piece is unique in its style while drawing us closer to cities long gone by or far away places we’ve never explored before.

The Master Behind Kohly Art

Gene Kohly is the talented Cuban artist behind Kohly Art. Born in Cuba in 1954, Gene (or Eugene) has been creating cityscapes art since he was a child. His lifelong passion for art and travel has resulted in many beautiful pieces of artwork that take people on a journey through different cities and countries around the world.

Kohly’s works are sometimes inspired by his travels or by memories of past places. From bustling city streets to quaint European villages, Kohly Art’s cityscapes evoke feelings of nostalgia and excitement.

The attention to detail in each piece of artwork is remarkable. Whether it’s the bright colors and intricate lines or the unique lighting used for certain scenes – it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Kohly Art’s cityscapes.

Gene’s Creative Process

Gene Kohly’s creative process can be long and complex. He often spends weeks preparing for the creation of each cityscape before finally starting on the artwork itself.

He begins by researching the area he intends to capture in his art, from learning about its history to understanding its culture and atmosphere. He has been compared to the likes of da Vinci, who took 16 years to paint the Mona Lisa.

Gene takes his time throughout the creative process, aiming to create a masterpiece with each of his paintings. Usually, he spends up to six months making sure that each artwork is perfect and done right. One clear indication of Gene’s art is his attention to detail – you’ll quickly see that he doesn’t leave anything out. For him, the minor details are incredibly important.

The Beauty Of Kohle’s Cityscapes Art

The beauty of Kohly Art’s cityscapes is undeniable. Each piece of art captures the essence of a particular place in time, conveying emotions and feelings to the viewer. It’s easy to get lost in the detailed landscapes and bustling cities that Gene has created over his lifetime – and it’s not hard to see why he has earned the title of master artist.

Kohly’s work is often found in galleries and museums around the world, as well as online. He continues to inspire viewers with his vibrant and captivating cityscapes – a reminder that art can take us to places we’ve never been before.

The Story of Ojala

One of Kohly’s most popular works is ‘Ojala.’ This artwork was created to tell the story of a small town in Cuba and its inhabitants. Kohly spent months researching, painting, and perfecting this piece – intending it to be his magnum opus.

The idea for Ojala was born out of Gene’s trip to Cuba in 1959, where he witnessed firsthand the crumbling buildings which were once incredibly beautiful. He wanted to create something that showed how these buildings and the surroundings had been destroyed and what they should look like in complete contrast.

In this celebrated painting, you see two fictional streets. The left and right of the painting each present something completely different from one another. On the right, you see a Cuban street as it stands today – dilapidated buildings, potholes, and broken cars. The left-hand side of the painting is completely different. New cars, clean streets, children playing, and a general sense of safety.

In this original art piece from Gene, he is looking to highlight ‘Ojala’, meaning ‘hopefully.’ He is portraying the Cuba that he hopes to see one day.

Looking Beyond Ojala

As a Modern Renaissance-style artist, Gene has handcrafted a selection of other striking cityscapes art that continues to attract attention from around the world. This includes ‘Patria Y Vida,’ ‘South Beach Billy,’ ‘Destruyendo,’ ‘So Near So Far,’ and more. To view these original art pieces are more, head to the limited edition page on Gene Kohly’s website (www.kohlyart.com).

Whether you are looking for a bit of history, to reflect on a world gone by, or just hoping to be inspired – Kohly Art has something for everyone. The beauty and emotion captured in each artwork are sure to take you on a journey into the unknown, allowing you to appreciate the world through art like never before.