Eugene Kohly’s Original Paintings

original paintings

Art has a way of transcending time. The works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael are still as beautiful today as their artists created them. Works like “the Mona Lisa,” the Creation of Adam,” and ‘the Transfiguration” are revered by art scholars and lovers alike. Today, artists around the world take inspiration from these renaissance greats. Artists combine renaissance motifs with their own experiences to create unique and original paintings.

Eugene Kohly is one of these modern-day renaissance masters.

Eugene’s Story

Eugene isn’t an artist to be famous or make money. He’s an artist because he loves art.

Born in Havana, Cuba, but now living in Miami, Eugene Kohly is a lover of beauty. He fills his time with his greatest joys: spending time on the water and learning. When he isn’t boating, swimming, or snorkeling, he’s reading and traveling. He frequently travels to Italy and visits museums to view his favorite art pieces. These hobbies are why Eugene is an artist.

If his love for the finer things in life and art is why Eugene paints, it’s his love of the renaissance masters that give him a starting point. He creates his original paintings because he is amazed at their talent, attention to detail, and ability to draw out deep emotions.

The Creative Process

Much like Leonardo da Vinci, who took 16 years to paint the “Mona Lisa,” Eugene doesn’t rush the creative process. Instead, his goal is to make every original painting a masterpiece. He’ll spend up to six months on each piece of art to ensure the artwork is right.

Most of the time spent on a painting is done before he puts brush to canvas. Eugene spends a lot of time studying his painting’s subject and planning the composition. In his paintings, you’ll find a lot of detail; he takes his time to make sure he hasn’t left any detail out. To Eugene, even the smallest details are important.

A painting tells a story of life in that place on that day. Eugene takes the time he needs to bring that story to life.

Types of Original Paintings

Edgar Degas once said, “art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Eugene Kohly’s original paintings always aim to make people see new things. He wants those viewing his work to find something different to look at every time they see his original paintings.

Eugene’s life imitates his art, and his art imitates his life. He has the unique ability to find beauty in the everyday and bring it to life through his artwork. While he uses the renaissance greats as a source of inspiration, his paintings are uniquely his own. Eugene finds artistic inspiration for his original paintings in every part of his life.

He paints various local nature scenes using a modern renaissance style that reflects his time spent on the water and his travels. His favorite subjects include:

Eugene also loves painting pieces inspired by Hemingway, Cuba, and Art Deco motifs.

Shop Original Paintings in Miami

Original paintings in your home were a sign of wealth and prestige, now it’s more common.  While not everyone can afford an authentic da Vinci, Degas, or Monet, everyone can afford work by local artists.

Eugene Kohly is a Miami artist who ships his paintings across the country. His acrylic and oil paintings are available in high-quality giclee prints, and he also has a limited number of originals for sale.

If you are interested in modern renaissance-style images focused on nature, visit or see his display walls at Futurama Art Gallery, 1637 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida, or Key Largo Art Gallery, 103200 US 1, Key Largo, Florida.