About Me and My Art

I was born in Havana, Cuba in 1954 and I now live in Miami and key largo. I spend as much time on the water as I can boating, swimming, snorkeling.  I read at least a book per week, exercise daily and paint and travel when I can. This is why I am an artist.

I have been to Italy many times and when I go to the museums I am always amazed at the level of talent of the renaissance artists. To think that Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael elevated each other and that these amazing geniuses, among the greatest artist to ever live, shared the same space and time is mind boggling. Leonardo in particular may well have been the smartest man to ever live and yet he only produced 25 painting in a long life.  The Mona Lisa (the world’s most valuable painting) took him 16 years to paint. He took it 3 times from Italy to France on the back of a donkey.

Having said that, I try to model my art after the renaissance greats in that each painting tells a story of life on a given day and place. It takes me about six months to complete a painting, much of that time is spent studying the subject and planning the composition. I will not produce anything just to get it done.  

There is a lot of detail in my paintings and I love it when someone says something like “ I never noticed the lady on the balcony.”  That tells me I succeeded in giving the viewer something new to look at every time they look at it.

There is only one reason to be an artist and that is because you love art. If you get into this for the money, then you are a fool because the chances of making it big are slim.   But even if you never get the recognition, you may deserve you are still a winner because you got to work at what you love.  Bob Dylan sang a song titled “When I Paint My Masterpiece.” My goal is always to produce a masterpiece, if I succeed or not, the public will judge but I will know I did my best and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to look at my art. I can always fantasize that I will get recognized after I am dead.


1637 SW 8 STREET
MIAMI, FL 33135


Gene painting Ojala
Gene with Salvador – Founder of Callejon de Hamel
Gene with Luis Granados with his self portrait.
Gene with El Pintor de Pinar from Cuba’s Pinar del Rio region.