Benefits Of Investing In Original Art For Your Home Or Office

original art

The presence of art in your home or office space has many benefits, from freshening the vibe of your home to lifting your mood. Continue reading to learn about the 9 essential benefits of investing in original art for your home or office.

1. Art Freshens The Vibe

No matter the age of your space there are many ways to enhance it with art. Try putting up a simple shelf in your living room to display a rotation of a few pieces of art that you change frequently. Or add a sculpture to your TV stand. Hang statement pieces in thought-provoking areas.

2. Art Can Make Your Space Appear Bigger

Adding a mural can make a small room look larger. A mural is also a better investment than painting your walls, as a mural is less expensive and longer-lasting than repainting a room. Additionally, some murals can be installed in minutes, while painting a room could take hours.

3. Art Provides A Color Palette

A work of art is a beautiful and meaningful way to tie everything together in a room that has many colors or many shades of the same color.

4. Art Can Improve Your Mental Health

Art can be a great form of therapy. The next time you are feeling lonely or down, try painting your feelings and putting your painting on display to brighten your mood and keep a reminder of the struggles you have overcome.

But you do not need to make art to be able to enjoy its benefits on your mental health. Buy art you feel an emotional connection to and put it up somewhere you will see it every day.

5. Art Creates Mood

Scans of the human brain show that looking at works of art triggers a release of dopamine in the same area of the brain that registers pleasure, desire, and romantic love. For example, romantic, sublime landscapes make you contemplate nature and purity, which creates a peaceful mood, which makes them perfect for relaxing spaces like your bedroom.

6. Art Can Be A Great Investment

Buying local art from emerging artists can turn out to be a good investment in the future. You may find yourself buying art from the Picasso of tomorrow and getting a bump in your investment’s value in the years to come. Check out student art showcases and go to local art events to uncover great artists in your area.

7. Art Inspires And Fosters Creativity

Artistic expression is lacking in a room with no art and this hinders creativity. On the other hand, handcrafted art fosters artistic inspiration, creativity, and expression. This is especially important if you have children in your home, as being surrounded by art will inspire them to think creatively.

8. Art Keeps The Brain Active

Sitting, admiring, and contemplating art is another way to keep your brain active as an alternative to crossword puzzles and quizzes.

9. Buying Art Supports The Art Community’s Future

Young artists need the art community to be supported to be able to continue their work. Buying art supports the community and enriches your home as well.

Buying Original Art From Kohly Art in South Florida

Kohly Art is featured at two art galleries in South Florida: Key Largo Art Gallery, 100320 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037, and Futurama Art Gallery, 1637 SW 8th Street, Miami, 33135. 

In addition to viewing our art at one of our art galleries, you can also browse our art for sale online at KOHLYART.COM. We ship our original art all over the United States. We offer original art in a variety of styles, including:

  • Cuban architecture
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