Exploring The World Of Original Paintings

original paintings

Original paintings hold greater value than reprints and reproductions for several reasons. Firstly, they exhibit unique techniques that can be both seen and felt. Additionally, the fact that the artist personally touched and worked on the painting adds significant value. As the original piece from which all reproductions stem, the significance of an original cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, the cost of originals often exceeds the average person’s budget. However, there is a silver lining; one can still appreciate different styles and techniques through budget-friendly print options.

Painting Techniques Vary Greatly

When it comes to creative painting, there is no single correct technique, and you have the freedom to enjoy multiple types to adorn your walls. For instance, Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” prominently displays intentional and visible brushstrokes. In contrast, famous artists like Da Vinci utilized techniques for color blending that effectively captured non-solid aspects. The diverse range of techniques used by these great artists throughout history reminds us that we can and should appreciate different art styles.

Inspiration for Original Paintings

Sometimes, it’s the artist’s inspiration for the work that draws us to the piece. Whether there is a story behind the art or simply a feeling, we are drawn to it as the artist was when they created it. It is the passion and love for the art that shines through in the artist’s work. That’s what makes for an amazing piece of art. All the works of Kohly Art are painted with passion, patience, and dedication.

The Painting Styles of Original Paintings

As an art enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with various painting styles and may have a preference for a particular one. Each style is unique and captivating in its own right. While there are numerous painting styles in original artworks, three frequently discussed ones include:


Although impressionism might seem flawed or imperfect due to visible brushstrokes and everyday subject matter, it remains popular among art lovers. Artists like Monet and Pissarro are revered for their impressionist works.


One of the most controversial painting styles is abstract art, which doesn’t have a clear subject but instead presents an array of colors and textures left to interpretation. While some people may consider abstract art to be lacking talent, others see it as brilliant and thought-provoking.


Realistic paintings present aspects grounded in reality, leaving no room for doubt as to what the artist was trying to depict. Some may argue that realism paintings are the work of the most talented artists, but this is subjective, as with most things concerning creativity and art.

Enjoying Art at Home

Just because you can’t afford to own an original painting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. You can visit an art gallery or museum to browse and appreciate the different techniques and styles of various artists.   To view my work and see my painting techniques and styles up close, you can visit the Key Largo Art Gallery or the Futurama Art Gallery in Miami.

While reprints may hold less value than originals, they do offer certain advantages. In addition to being affordable, you can select a size and print type that best suits your space and collection.

Kohly Art (KOHLYART.COM.) provides these versatile reprint options, and for those seeking true authenticity, original paintings are also available on their website. Whether you opt for an original or a less expensive print, what matters most is selecting a piece that you appreciate. 

We ship our art all over the United States and offer original art in a variety of styles. Give us a call today at 786-223-2936 or drop us an email at [email protected]