Key Largo


Original Size: 48in x 16in


So in my painting Key Largo, I tried to represent the sites and animals you might regularly see when boating in Key Largo.  In Key Largo there are two sides the Atlantic Ocean side and the Florida bay side and so you often hear I’m on the ocean side or the bay side.

The scene in this painting is on the ocean side but not an actual real scene because for example Carysfort Lighthouse is not visible from the channels and also people do not swim in channels for the danger of passing boats.

The three story turquoise house in my house is located on adams cut, a channel that connects Florida bay to the ocean side and me and my daughter Marissa are swimming which I often do but usually at a coral reef where there is an abundance of sea life.

The wildlife featured in this painting are the Bottlenose dolphins which often swim near my dock, the gray pelican and two egrets that hang around my house.  They are a mating pair and I nicknamed one of them frank.  He often hangs around and will come within a few feet of people and give them the eye. They also hang around the mangroves.

The turquoise and blue waters are also typical of Key Largo as well as stunning skies that change every day.  I know people will think that sky is unrealistic but I actually saw it that way and took a picture of it.

The painting is four foot long and ideal for above the headboard of a bed to remind people of the quintessential Key Largo and get that happy, peaceful Key Largo vibe.

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Dimensions 48 × 2 × 16 in


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