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There are three main types of mangroves in South Florida and in the Florida Keys, these are the white, black and red mangroves. The ones in this painting are the red mangroves. These are generally taller than the more common black mangroves and have larger leaves.  Some of the leaves turn yellow and drop off and that is how the red mangroves get rid of the excess salt. The red mangroves are sometimes called walking trees because they seem to be walking into the salt water shallows. The roots are a nursery for almost all of the fish found in the shallows and the coral reefs.

My inspiration for this painting is the many channels and lagoons around the mangrove islands west of Key Largo in the shallow waters of Florida Bay which goes all the way from South Florida and the Everglades to Key West and the dry tortugas.

Among the wildlife I featured in this painting are two of my favorites the manatee, a gentle giant that will not defend itself under any circumstances not even to protect their young and the cormorant, a large diving bird that can fly, walk, swim on top of the water and underwater making it one of the most versatile animals in existence.

Also featured is an egret taking flight as well as a tarpon, snook, mangrove snapper and a porkfish.  all these are very common and plentiful in Florida Bay.

As I usually do, I featured bright colors turquoise and deep blue in the water and greens and yellows in the tree leaves.  I also played with the refracted light on the manatee, the tarpon and the sandy bottom.  I hope you like it and I know that if you have spent any time in Florida Bay that you will.

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