What Type Of Art Is Trending?

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Art trends change over the years, often reflecting current events or issues we’re facing as a global population. Artists have an uncanny understanding of life and the ability to interpret it in their work. This creates artwork that resonates with buyers, makes types of art popular, and leads to trending art styles.

If you want to buy art, but aren’t sure where to start, checking the latest art trends can give you a starting point.

7 Emerging Art Trends To Watch

Trending art will show up on gallery walls, and social media feeds, and create a buzz in the art-loving community. As you search for your new favorite, keep an eye on these rising trends:

1. Textured Art

Artists create textured art using a painting technique called impasto. The root of the word ‘impasto’ is pasta, which translates as paste. Using thick paint and a brush or palette-knife, the artist layers and mixes colors onto the canvas. The result is a rich, three-dimensional work of art that viewers long to run their fingertips over.

Texture can be used to emphasize objects in the painting or highlight light and shade. Abstract artists use this trend by covering entire canvases in textured patterns. There’s a lavish generosity to a textured painting that many art lovers find appealing.

2. Peaceful Pastels

The soft hues of pastel colors are reclaiming their place on walls worldwide. These gentle shades cultivate a peaceful atmosphere that has a calming effect on the viewer. Pastel art encourages a gracious approach to life and a return to kindness. Images created in pastel colors are understated and soothing.

In Ojala, Kohly uses pastels on the buildings that contrast with the deep blue sky in the background. Combined with the strong sense of perspective, the color differentiation makes the buildings stand out, almost inviting you to knock on the blue door and step inside.

3. Super-Sized Art

When it comes to making a statement, nothing beats a single oversized work of art that commands attention. Large-scale art creates a focal point that draws together all the design elements used in a room.

This trend moves away from the “gallery wall” style of art display and sharpens a viewer’s focus on the chosen piece. To recreate this effect with a smaller painting, you can mount an oversized faux frame around your canvas. Doing this allows you to follow the large-scale artwork trend without replacing your favorite, regular-sized artwork.

4. Abstract Art

Abstract art allows the artist to break away from the confines of a visually accurate depiction of reality. It creates impact by using shapes, colors, and forms in a way that is pleasing to the eye or tugs at emotions. Abstract art ages well, as it’s a lasting trend that doesn’t link strongly to any period. It is one type of art that is easily considered timeless.

The true beauty of abstract art is the viewer’s freedom to interpret the piece as they perceive it, creating a personal bond between the viewer and the artwork. Abstract art often provokes an emotional response that viewers may struggle to explain. The ability of art to bypass understanding and touch the heart is all part of the magic of art.

5. Earthy-Toned Minimalism

Minimalism as a lifestyle embraces de-cluttering. With simple lines and clean shapes, minimalism in art offers the viewer space to breathe and center themselves in peace and calm. When paired with neutral, earthy tones, this form of artwork is versatile and can easily be used in residential, corporate, or hospitality environments.

Earth tones are both timeless and on-trend as these warm neutrals blend with almost anything. Artists who create using earth tones aren’t limited to cream, brown and beige, but get to play with shades like umber, sienna, ochre, and taupe.

6. Street Art

There are two classic interpretations of the street art genre. The first refers to the graffiti-like art that brightens neighborhood walls. The second is art that captures a slice of life: moments in time to be displayed and remembered. True street art is often gritty and real, featuring controversial subject matter.

The hauntingly beautiful Destruyendo depicts a flooded central Havana street. Torrential downpours caused by the 2017 hurricane, Irma, saw floodwaters rushing through the poorly maintained streets. Kohly captured the tragedy in fine detail, down to dogs huddling on windowsills. While the subject matter isn’t easy, the piece itself is beautiful: a reminder of the better side of human nature, as the people shared belongings and helped each other.

7. Restorative Nature

Being outside in nature is said to reduce stress, improve your mood, and help you relax. Hanging a little bit of nature on our urban walls is fast becoming a close second. Images of nature are reminders of the simpler side of life. Nature artwork has a way of reframing priorities, encouraging kindness, and restoring balance.

Kohly’s Mangrove is a perfect example of nature coming alive in your living room. The rich colors of the foliage, the scene on the water’s surface, and the cross-section of the underwater view draw you in as if the water were lapping at your toes. Light patterns crisscrossing the ocean floor soothe the soul as a serene manatee glides by. Spend a few minutes looking at this every day and allow the peace to seep into you.

Follow The Trends, Or Follow Your Heart?

The big question when shopping for art is whether to follow the trends or go with what makes your heart happy. These guidelines might help you as you decide:

  • Avoid buying art you don’t love, even if it’s an investment. If it’s going to hang on your wall and you have to look at it every day, it’s not worth buying something that doesn’t move you.
  • Does the trend match your style and décor? Buy the trend, display it proudly, and know that you’ve made a good investment in original art!
  • Do you love the artist, even if their style refuses to fit into any currently popular boxes? Support them and buy their work.

Trending Yet Timeless Art For Sale

Trends come and go, but finding artwork you love beats following fads. Kohly Fine Art offers pieces of art that have a distinct uniqueness to them that is timeless.

Whether you’re moved by social justice or love losing yourself in the beauty of nature, there’s artwork here that belongs on your walls.

Browse our online gallery at www.kohlyart.com and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our artwork for sale.