Tips On How To Buy Art Online

art online

Art shopping is intuitive. Standing in front of a canvas, seeing the texture of each brush stroke, and breathing in the scent of paint lingering in the air are all part of the decision-making process. Did you know that buying art online can be just as satisfying?

If you’ve been wary of buying art online, here are 6 tips to help you become a confident online art shopper.

1. Get Familiar With ‘Art Lingo’

Once you know your way around the terminology, online shopping for art feels more comfortable and helps you know what you’re buying. Some of the common options for artwork include:

  • Original: An original painting is a painted canvas produced by the artist.
  • Limited edition prints: A reproduction of original artwork available in limited quantities.
  • Archival paper Giclée: Fine art print using archival pigment-based aqueous inks onto acid-free fine art paper.
  • Open edition Giclée: High-quality ink-jet art reproduction available in unlimited quantities.
  • Canvas wrap: An artwork printed on canvas that wraps around the edges of a wooden frame, allowing the image to show on the surface and edges when mounted on a wall.

2. Familiarize Yourself With The Artist

Getting to know the person who put brush to canvas gives you a different take on the art. Each piece you look at comes alive with their story as you know what motivated them to produce that image. Understanding the artist and what inspired them often helps you develop a stronger bond with the subject matter.

And, of course, the artist’s stories make for great conversation when guests comment on your new addition.

3. Analyze Your Space

Before clicking the search button, make sure you have a good feel for the space you want to fill. The basic things to consider are the ideal size and whether a portrait or landscape orientation would work best.

Will the artwork be a single focus point, or are there other pieces of art already in place? Keep the context of the rest of the room in mind as your browse. That way, you’ll know whether you’re looking for art that either complements existing decor or provides a gorgeous contrast.

4. Shop Outside Your Comfort Zone

Are you stuck in an art rut? It might be time to consider works outside of your regular favorites. If you find yourself always shopping for sea scenes or contemporary abstract pieces, give yourself permission to browse other categories, such as beautiful cityscape art. Who knows, there might be a whole new genre waiting to be explored that will delight your soul and breathe new life into your home!

5. Let Your Heart Decide

If you see something online that takes your breath away, it is worth getting. Look for images that bring you joy. Buying art online can become an exercise in investment but when your heart pops, you can be sure that the piece that catches your eye will bring you joy for years to come. Investing in your happiness has lifelong value.

6. Take Your Time

There’s no rush. Bookmark the page, sleep on it, and run it by those who share your living space. If the image still holds your heart after giving it some time, you can go ahead and buy it with confidence.

While you’re thinking, browse the returns and refunds policy and make sure you’re happy with what the artist or gallery offers.

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