Tips For Buying High-Quality Canvas Paintings

canvas painting

Buying a canvas painting is far more than just filling an open space on a wall. The art you invite into your home influences each room’s personality, mood, and atmosphere. When the pieces you choose are high-quality, you get to enjoy your investment for many years.

Follow these tips for finding artwork that captures the sweet spot where creativity and excellent quality meet.

Choose A Mood

Before choosing a canvas painting, ask yourself how you want the room to feel. If you’re creating a casual space that encourages visitors to take off their shoes and get comfy, look for whimsical paintings with warm colors and a touch of humor, such as South Beach Billy.

If you’re creating a formal, elegant room, opt for artwork in slightly darker colors that exude serenity and peace. A good example of this is captured in the overhanging trees and mesmerizing ripples of the water in Mangrove. Darker lines also capture a sense of drama that lends an air to formal wall-wear.

Pick Artwork That You Like

Buying original art is an investment, so don’t limit yourself to the latest trends. Take your heart with you to the shops and find the pieces that make it skip a beat. Keep looking until you find artwork that resonates with you. Whether it’s the color, texture, subject matter, or something you can’t define, you’ll know when you see it.

Check Your Open Wall Space For Size

Before choosing a canvas painting, measure the amount of open space available on the wall. Only consider the section of the wall not covered by furniture, curtains, décor, or taken up by windows. The artwork you choose should cover half to three-quarters of the opening. When placing art above furniture, it should be two-thirds to three-quarters the length of the piece to give a correct sense of proportion.

If you have a large wall to fill, consider getting multiple canvas paintings. Choose the same art style, color range, or subject matter to create cohesion. Pick one to be the “hero” of the room with the others that are less eye-catching as supporting acts.

Be Aware Of The Size Of The Room

A small room can look more spacious if you use one big painting on the wall as a feature. Hanging many smaller pieces in a tiny room may create a feeling of clutter.

Know Your Print Options

Original oil or acrylic artworks typically carry the highest price tag. If you are decorating on a budget and need something less costly, opt for Giclee prints on archival paper, as this gives you fade-resistant, vibrant colors and details that come alive on your walls.

Giclee fine art printing is ideal for creating prints from original artwork. It uses up to 12 individual colors, compared to the CMYK 4-color combination typically used by inkjet printers. The extra colors add depth and rich color to each print. Using archival inks and paper ensures that the end product lasts for lifetimes.

Come Home To A Kohly Canvas Painting

Kohly Art paintings find their inspiration in architecture, city life, and the living waters of the ocean. Each painting is the result of careful scrutiny of the subject matter over many months. The resulting canvasses are a colorful representation of life in a joyfully rich palette.

With a choice of buying an original, a Giclee printing on archival paper, or a canvas wrap, you can choose a Kohly painting to suit every space in your home.

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